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I've flipped for "Flea Market Flip"

Because I am such a fan of story and storytelling, I came late in life to watching reality shows like the ones on HGTV. My very favorite is "Flea Market Flip." Love, love, love it.

When I used to teach school and had my summers off, I did a little flipping myself. I got some furniture from Bill's Aunt Ruthie. Since it had good bones but the finish was a little tired. I decided to flip the whole schmeer and use it in my living room.


So, I started with this dresser, which is kiddie-sized. For all the pieces in this collection, I added a few layers of paint (red and green) before painting it cream-colored and then sanded it down for a distressed look. Then I stenciled, antiqued, and painted a varnish on it.

I use this as an end table in my living room. We don't use the checkerboard on it, but we could. It is functional. Usually there is a little lamp on it and Bill's iPad.

The other end table is useful, but I didn't take enough time and care to prepare the surface before painting. So, I learned a lot with that particular piece. Take the finish down to the most primitive state you can before repainting.

I haven't done any furniture since I pursued writing as a hobby, so I vicariously flip by watching "Flea Market Flip." I am preparing for a burst of refinishing, collecting ideas.

The flippers on "Flea" are ingenious. Just look what one team did with mason jars:

This is my absolute favorite flip I have ever seen on the show. One team took six mason jars and turned it into a lighting fixture. Just love it.

Here are the before and after photos of the project from the HGTV site:

And here is the lighting fixture one resourceful flipping team made from it:


There lots of inspiration on HGTV. Lots to learn. I plan on upping my game, learning more, and also adding 8 extra hours to my day by not sleeping. Only nine years until retirement!

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