Shopping Trip Coda: Darling Dad
Saturday, February 27, 2016 at 1:04PM
Gale Martin / @Gale_Martin in Easter candy, Reese's candy, darling dads, fathers, parenting, reflections

Nothing can restore my faith in humanity like a darling dad. I stopped into Stauffers of Kissel Hill again this week, in part, to out another Suburban Mommy Monster. Or so I expected.

Is this a new thing? Never caught my eye before.Didn't happen. Instead I saw a Suburban Darling Dad standing in front of the Easter candy display with two tots in tow (ages 3 and 5 perhaps.) The long lean fellow was squeezing a product I don't remember seeing before: Reese's Pieces candy eggs in a carton. But then, I haven't shopped for Easter candy in years.

"Here," he said to his kids, without their prompting, who looked so much smaller because he at least as tall as Honest Abe (and bearded, too). "You can each have one."

He placed a sunny carton of candy in each of their little hands, their eyes pictures of wonder and delight.

Got faith? Faith in our fathers. Yes, I do.

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