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A trickle-down system that actually works

Our elderly neighbors, the Shumakers, decided to move out of their single family home to assisted living and asked me if I would like to adopt their rain barrel. I'd admired it for years, thinking that it was a very clever and eco-friendly way to capture rain water for reuse.

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'Pot pie fill you up!' Uptown Funk, Amish style

Last fall, Bruno Mars hit the "Dancing with the Stars" stage donning a head full of hair curlers to sing what would become my favorite dance anthem since "Thriller" called "Uptown Funk." Watching the video is even more fun than listening to the song itself.

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I've flipped for "Flea Market Flip"

Because I am such a fan of story and storytelling, I came late in life to watching reality shows like the ones on HGTV. My very favorite is "Flea Market Flip." Love, love, love it. When I used to teach school and had my summers off, I did a little flipping myself. I got some furniture from Bill's Aunt Ruthie. Since it had good bones but the finish was a little tired. I decided to flip the whole schmeer and use it in my living room.

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Learning to Let Go of My Mistakes with an Online Game

When I was 20, I landed a leading role with a community theater group. On opening night, near the close of the second act, I couldn’t find the slit in the drop curtain through which I supposed to emerge, to belt out my final, gut-wrenching number. After what seemed like hours of searching, I stumbled through the black glittering morass and finished the show, though I was convinced the audience was laughing at me. Despite the healthy applause. Despite several great reviews.

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Tom's passage to India

Last July, a freelance reviewer and blogger from India contacted me through my website contact form: Hope you are doing fine. I would love to read [WHO KILLED 'TOM JONES'?] and write a review for the same. If you could kindly send me a paper-back copy of your book, that would be so great. I don't have a Kindle unfortunately."--Aditi Saha This is Aditi's profile picture on Goodreads

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