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There's no substitute for confidence

At a friend's request, I helped her ready a query letter for her police procedural. I offered to send her some sample queries I collected in the past couple years that helped me improve my ability to write a query letter. I suggested she read query letter for The Notebook written by Nicholas Sparks that made quite the impression on me when I first read it.

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Think and grow published?

I am the co-facilitator of a group for professional women in family business--it's part of my job to moderate this forum. One of the most exciting developments this year is that I had the chance to bring in a relationship doctor--a seasoned therapist--to provide counsel to these women, to help them realize more success in business and in their personal lives in 2011.

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"Mice Capades" -- my blog contest entry

I've entered a contest to win a one-year contract to be the blogger of record for a popular consumer magazine. The entry required you to submit a 200-word (tops) entry about a real-life, everyday event and a bio, to include mention of family members and pets.

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Ten quick craft tips learned in online writing groups

Today I'm sharing ten tips I've picked up from other writers in online writing groups or from their critiques of my work. I don't do online groups anymore (that's a whole other post topic). But I've never forgotten some of things I learned from other writers I encountered online.

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Dishing the dirt with author Margo Candela

Hard work, professionalism, and a bit of luck. Owing to those three things with particular emphasis on hard work, Margo Candela is breaking out of the pack of contemporary female authors and carving out her niche by writing modern women's fiction--smart, clever books--the old fashioned way.

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