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A perfect gift for writers...

Just the other day at work, I received a catalog suggesting ideal holiday gifts for employees. First, I thought, holy cow! Christmas gifts? It's not even Halloween. And I wasn't too jazzed about their gift suggestions. But then I realized I had a great gift suggestion for the writers in your life that I had to pass along since many (organized) people have already started their Christmas shopping or will in the near future.

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Why is fifteen in fifteen so hard?

Lately, there's been a meme flying around Facebook. I've been invited to name fifteen authors who've influenced me and who will always stick with me, and not to take too long about it. I was to list the first fifteen I could recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

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Family of origin issues ideal for story starters

If you're reading this post, then you have a family of origin. You may have disowned them or may spend time with them several times a year--like me. Regardless of how you feel about your family of origin, they can be a rich source for storytelling, no matter the genre you write.

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Writing improves thinking

Yesterday, a friend told me she felt especially sad. On the same day she'd sent her late mother's things to auction, her son wrote a poignant blog post about leaving the United States for the mission field in India, forwarding what he'd written.

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Hey, how are those writing goals coming along?

One of the best craft classes at the June creative writing residency at Wilkes University was conducted by poet, novelist, and freelance writer Lori A. May.

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