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Five tips for writing action scenes from "The Fugitive"

No matter when it comes on, no matter how late it is, if I'm channel surfing and I find the 1993 film The Fugitive starring Harrison Ford and directed by Andrew Davis, I flip it on. There's only a handful of movies that never bore me--that are like opening gifts each time I stumble upon them--and this is one of those films.

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Dreams and writing: why and how

It happened again. It hadn't happened for about ten years, but it occurred, very early this morning. I had my most popular recurring dream: my teeth had fallen out . . . again.

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Attention to detail separates brains from boneheads

Two and a half years ago, I had two pieces of flash fiction acception to an anthology, which shall remain nameless, but whose name is synonymous with Insight!

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A perfect gift for writers...

Just the other day at work, I received a catalog suggesting ideal holiday gifts for employees. First, I thought, holy cow! Christmas gifts? It's not even Halloween. And I wasn't too jazzed about their gift suggestions. But then I realized I had a great gift suggestion for the writers in your life that I had to pass along since many (organized) people have already started their Christmas shopping or will in the near future.

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Why is fifteen in fifteen so hard?

Lately, there's been a meme flying around Facebook. I've been invited to name fifteen authors who've influenced me and who will always stick with me, and not to take too long about it. I was to list the first fifteen I could recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

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