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Entries in Grace Unexpected (2)


A darling new ensemble for a book character! 

Okay, cutest blog post ever in support of one of my novels.

Kathy at My Nook Books & More wanted to do "something fun" for her post on the Grace Unexpected blog tour. So she joined forces with Jen at Books and Other Happy Ever Afters and came up with a Book Look--a fashion ensemble--for my title character in Grace Unexpected.

Too adorable, right?

From earrings to dress to shoes to jewelry to handbag, Grace is all put together for another day's work at Soap Rock University.

Please defibrillate me. I am succumbing to an attack of adorability.

Grace and I thank you, Kathy and Jen, for your grace and ingenuity!


My Gracie's a #1 "Mover and Shaker"

In what is the single greatest coinkidink I never could've imagined, my newest novel GRACE UNEXPECTED hit the Amazon Movers and Shakers list today in the #1 slot.

My Gracie Mae is a bona fide Shaker. See?

This is wonderful. But also hysterically ironic.

You see, the inciting incident for my comic romance is that Grace Savage visits Shaker Village in Canterbury, New Hampshire and she learns all about the Shakers, more than any red-blooded single American woman needs to know.

When her longtime hottie boyfriend breaks up with her from behind a shower curtain, she adopts The Shaker Plan.

So, now that she's sworn to live like a Shaker, thanks to her quick rise in the Amazon sales rank, she's actually a Shaker. Life imitates art. Irony itself, non?

Good for you, Gracie Mae (which is what her sidekick Goody calls her.) And good for little ol' me, too!